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The workplace is full of unseen hazards. We all can spot an accident in the making such as trip hazards or overloaded power sockets, but what about all the things that could injury over time? Those things are not so easy to spot. So what are they and how can you combat them?


Right now, look at the clock, have you been staring at your screen for hours on end. Are your eyes hurting? Perhaps your vision is a little blurry? You are developing eye strain!

The best solution is to take regular breaks from the screen. This includes all kinds of screens, including a television or your phone. Try and find reasons to look away from your screen for 10/15 minutes; try planning out your next load of work using pen and paper, or even get up and make a round of coffee for the team. Or you can try using a larger font so you do not need to lean in closer to your screen.


Back pain is the biggest health issue that many 9 to 5 office workers face but probably one of the most straight forward to solve if you tackle it from day one.

Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day is not good for your back. Sitting at a desk for this period of time using a chair that is not ergonomic is really not good for your back. Bad posture can cause havoc on your spine so sitting in the correct position that supports your muscles is paramount. An ergonomic chair will assist ensuring your back is supported with legs in a 90 degree position.

It is also highly recommended that you get up and have a walk around every 2 hours so you do not become sedentary. A short walk around the office can do wonders for your back!


Being sat at your desk all day can cause a lot of stress on your body and even injury. If you spend long hours at a computer, the chances are that you are at risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Don’t confuse CTS for simple wrist pain. The nerves in your wrists can be very sensitive and over time, leaning on them so much while typing may cause them to feel weak or even numb. Like with eye strain you need to give them a rest and make sure that they are supported with padded wrist rests.

We also recommend doing some simple wrist exercises to help the blood flow and stretch out the muscles.



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