Posted on by Ben Wang

Are pop-up workspaces the future of employment? We look at the pros and cons of these exciting temporary offices.

Pop-ups have been around for a while, with temporary shops, bars and other businesses springing up in cities every so often in order to boost their brand. However, the model has also been applied to offices, studios and other types of workspace. Open areas are transformed into flexible places for professionals to spend their weekdays, only to disappear after a certain amount of time.

So what are the benefits of this unique type of workplace? Fundamentally, it comes down to flexibility. Pop-ups are perfect for freelancers and start-ups who want to spend a bit of time away from home, but can’t afford to invest in permanent office space. A pop-up option enables them to get work done in a productive environment, while hopefully growing their businesses to the point that they can afford a permanent solution by the time the space disappears.

However, there is also a creative benefit. Being in a different environment among different people can be a great boost for creativity, which can be vital if you are working in that kind of industry. Even if you aren’t, you might be surprised at how productive you are simply by being in a new and interesting space.

Finally, there is the communal benefit. Working out of a pop-up means interacting with a new – and usually constantly changing – group of people, which is a fantastic networking opportunity. Eventually, this can lead to you forming a business community.

Of course, there are downsides as well. First and foremost, these workspaces are temporary and often not around for very long. This isn’t always the case, but where it is it can be a real disadvantage. You might find yourself becoming more efficient and building a community, only to run out of time and have your workplace disband.

It can also be tough if you need privacy. The ideal workspace has a range of different areas for private and communal work, but pop-ups don’t often have the resources to implement this, so it tends to get lost. As a result, you will generally be working in a lrage communal space, which can be distracting and difficult for some.

Obviously there are pros and cons to this kind of environment, and whether you will benefit from it will depend on the kind of worker you are. If you are in the mood for something creative and communal, a pop-up could be perfect for you.