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Posted on by Tim Banting

GEO Slam Case study | Smart2Ergo helping transforming your businessGeoSLAM are the experts in ‘Go-Anywhere’ 3D mobile mapping technology – working across a plethora of sectors including mining, construction and academia. Their team are often on location mapping out some of the hardest to reach places, followed by long hours, grafting and rendering at a computer.


Having just moved to their gorgeous new offices in Nottinghamshire in December 2017, GeoSLAM needed help in optimising their work space for growth, staff health and productivity. The current space looked cluttered, made it difficult for team to move easily while discussing work and did not promote productivity.

Smart2ergo GEO Slam before image

Smart2Ergo assessed GeoSLAMS’s needs and presented ideas to the team which could maximise their space while also making their growing team feel closer for collaboration. The Smart2Ergo team also offered solutions that would tidy workspace from cables and provide essential docking areas.


We redesigned the layout of GeoSLAM’s office with work flow in mind. Upon evaluating the space, we realised that their team would benefit greatly from additional break-out meeting space. Our solution to this was to design and create a bespoke desk for GeoSLAM’s exacting needs that could seat up to 10 team members. 

For individual work desks, our UNITY 2.2 sit-stand benches with cable baskets provided the ideal solution that would save space, allowing team members to sit or stand while working. Laid out in combinations of 2 or 4, GeoSLAM can now configure their team professionally while staying agile in their workflow. 

Desk fitting | Smar2ergo

Our desks also fitted seamlessly in GeoSLAM’s contemporary styled offices, ensuring the workspace looked sleek and well designed. GeoSLAM's newly designed space is now perfect for their very unique set of needs.

"As a company that puts the welfare of its staff as one of the key strategic themes we were keen to create an office environment that was healthy, stimulating and comfortable to be in. Having discussed the potential benefits of sit / stand desks with a number of health care professionals we decided to contact Smart2Ergo. Smart2Ergo provided a first class service all the way through the process even bringing in an ergonomist to advise and train our staff on the correct use of the desks. The initial feedback from staff using the desks is very positive and it certainly seems to have led to an increase in productivity."

David Burton, C.F.O., GeoSLAM

After fitting | Smart2ergo

If you need help with your office layout or would like to discuss how we can offer bespoke solutions for your workspace, get in touch with our team to get an assessment.