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Workplace health is incredibly important, and many countries have made big steps in this field. It’s clear that the UK has some catching-up to do.

The health of your employees should be a priority. If they are healthy, they’ll be happier, more productive, more driven and – of course – will require fewer days off sick. However, not every workplace has the right policies in place to make sure staff are comfortable, especially in the UK. Herearesomecountriesthathave the right idea when it comes to workplace health.


This Scandinavian nation is famous for – among many other things – introducing a six-hour workday as standard in a bid to improve the overall work-life balance of the country. This might seem controversial, but it has been found to actually boost productivity, as well as being excellent for the health and wellbeing of employees.

A survey of nurses found that those on a six-hour workday were half as likely to take time off sick, and were also 20 per cent happier. They also had a lot more energy at work, which is a major benefit to both employer and employee.


French citizens have an average of 30 days paid holiday per year, which shows how important the work-life balance is to this country. However, while this aspect of workplace health is important, it’s France’s commitment to flexible working that is most impressive.

It is common in French workplace culture for employees to plan out their work schedule in the way that is most convenient for them. French workers also tend to take long lunch breaks – usually around two hours – and use the time to have a healthy home life. This also enables them to stretch their legs and have a break if they are sitting down in an office all day.


Australians have a great attitude when it comes to workplace health, focusing on nutrition and exercise to make sure employees don’t suffer from inactive jobs. For example, a significant portion of companies offer some kind of stretching or warm-up activity as part of the working day, which prevents staff from spending hours on end sat in a chair.

It is also common to see nutrition programmes, subsidised gym programmes and on-site fitness services in Australia. This all contributes to a healthier, more active workforce, which is a major benefit to employees across the country..


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