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Businesses are fast discovering that their teams need to work better, faster and harder to stay competitive and service their customers.

But what if you didn’t have to work harder, just smarter? Well there is an app for that, literally! We want to share with you, our favourite tools for productivity that will streamline your business processes, totally free!


Slack has seemingly come out of nowhere in 2016 to become one of the top communication tools for tech businesses. This year, Slack has moved into businesses of all kinds to improve productivity. Emails bouncing back and forth are not only bothersome to keep a hold of but they depend on long drawn out explanations.

It is no secret that Facebook has been eyeing the business

communications market for a while, but in between privacy issues and rolling out a live product, tech businesses have found an alternative to a live messaging service; Slack. This Cloud based free tool strikes the perfect balance between open chatting between remote teams to providing a secure area for confidential discussions. It makes team discussion quick, productive and trackable.


If you are looking for a tool that will help your team collaborate effectively, then Trello is your tool! You can use Trello as a free project management tool, allowing you to share task lists with your team and prioritise.

The simple user-face groups tasks into boards where task cards can be dragged and dropped as the project moves forward. In 2015 the service surpassed 10 million users and last year, Trello allows integration with other communication tools such as Slack and SalesForce, making the tool even more powerful for companies looking to grow on a budget.


If you have used Google Drive, sign up now as it will change your life!

Google Drive acts as a Cloud based hard drive which can sync directly with your desktop giving you access to your files anywhere. Google Drive also comes with its own version of Microsoft Office that can be used collaboratively. Documents, spreadsheets and presentations can be created and updated by a whole team while the document is kept live online.

Many businesses around the world are trading in Microsoft Office for Googles free version as a way to save costs while also sharing work easily. Google Drive automatically comes with 30gb of free space and can be expanded up to 100gb for just a few pounds a month.


Pocket is an amazing tool for those who need to aggregate lots of useful information and articles (just like this one!).

Just download the app or get the extension for your browser, and with one click to save into your Pocket. You can now bookmark these articles to read later, even without an internet connection. If you are familiar with Pinterest, this tool will feel like second nature to you. The bonus is that Pocket also integrates well with Twitter so you can even save useful tweets for later. There are also some very powerful premium features to help you organise your articles and work faster.

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